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Who is handling the hose here?

[01] Have you ever used a compass?
[02]hat kind of summer jobs did you have as a kid?
[03] If there are five available stalls in the restroom, which do you choose?
[040 Who was your first love?
[05] What is the oldest piece of jewelry you own?
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    Sara Bareilles, "Hold My Heart"

a break from the norm.

This would be the place where I would place my weekly Friday 5. Today I received news that a dear friend of my grandmother passed away. I would normally use this as springboard to inquire about your personal feelings of loss or grief, but somehow today it feels invasive. I try to keep my own personal input (other than the obvious submission of questions) out of this community. At the moment though, I am at a loss of inspiration for composing a set of questions. With that, I am going to take a pass on today's five.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.

obama jedi mind trick

I have a structured settlement but I need cash now.

[01] What book has been made into a great movie (or tv series, etc)?
[02] What book has not translated well into other media?
[03] What novel would you like to see as a film?
[04] What literary character do you wnjoy seeing envisioned on the big screen?
[05] Are you likely to read a book before or after seeing the film upon which it is based?